Fragments 04

She hates it.

When it’s the middle of the night and she’s suddenly awaken.

Because it will be hours until she finally could go back to sleep. As her mind wanders through thoughts and memories which are long gone. Or simply caught up with things which don’t bother her at daylight, but nighttime changes it all.

And at this kind of time, she specifically craves to be coddled back to sleep.

Sneaks between his breaths and lay her head on his chest. Because she knows he would wake up and ask;

“why are you awake?”

I couldn’t sleep

“Shhh, come here. Let’s go back to sleep, shall we?”

As he holds her and caress her head.

Or he may not wake up to ease her with words, but he’d still wrap her arms around her, and caress her back or arms, or cheek, like out of habit so she’ll be asleep.

That won’t guarantee she’ll fall back asleep in no time, but she knows it will take her mind off of things and at this time, that’s good enough for her.

But how fantasy could serve her any good at this hour? As she’s laying on her bed, pouring what’s on her mind off the notes and he’s sleeping, far away, at his own bed.


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