09.58 PM

People like you are the reason I secretly wish heaven and hell do exist.

So I can watch your body being burned and turned into ashes. Just enough for your ashes to reform as you to be burned again.

And again,

and again for the millionth, billionth, trillionth, gazillion of time.

Until the past, the present, and the future become one as whole. Until time loses grip over itself and exists just as it is, sequence of events happening on loop. Until time becomes indefinite continued progress of existence and works beyond any measurement any entity can discover, or create.

Good god, I could watch you burn for eternity and would not be bored even for a millisecond.


I would even sell my soul to the Devil himself to be the one who lit that fire every time your body is reformed. So I could see the fear right in your eyes. And savor even the tiniest drop of satisfaction it brings from causing the fear which will not leave your eyes, ever.

And just so you’ll know, even that would not be enough for you to repay all the unnecessary struggles, miseries, and pain me and my family have to endure.


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