Fragments 02

He was just sitting in front of the table as she roamed the room.

She came closer, slow yet certainly. She reached him and run her fingers through his hair, brushed it between the gaps of her fingers. He sat still as she held him. Only that time, it was his ear which pressed against her chest, near her heart. They both closed their eyes, as she savoured every moment of it, as he listened silently to her beating heart.

Later he said,

“your heart still beats that fast”

“of course”

She replied as she couldn’t think of any other answers.

Oh dear, she spoke to herself,

Little did you know, you make it drumming often.

She reminded herself of things he often does that give gentle surprises for the beat of her heart. She played those fragments of memories on her head and suddenly she remembered this silly thing which drew a little smile on her lips,

My dear, you don’t even know.

Even when it’s regular Saturday afternoon and it is only matter of minutes until I leave my desk or until you send me message saying that you’re outside, my heart still beats fast.

Just like that night when we were about to meet for the first time.


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