11.54 PM

There is a moment when you just simply lay on your bed doing nothing, yet your mind wonders so wildly  it began to affect your emotions as well. In a minute, there comes suffocating feeling which engulfs you and makes your chest feels heavy yet all you can do is just laying silently.

This is the kind of time when I feel useless the most. Because there’s no way to handle this. It’s just undefinable and so confusing I can’t help myself.

It makes me want to isolate myself from all interactions. Being in a locked room for a whole day, turn off all the light source, close all the window, and curled myself up with a blanket and just stay still.

I feel entrapped, it is suffocating. There’s heavy feeling on my chest which couldn’t be let go yet it feels like I’m ready to burst into whatever it is either tears or atom, in any second. When it’s your soul that feels weary, what else can you do?


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