Fragments 01

They wrapped their body into each other, so tight she dare not dream for something more. He took long deep breath filled with the scent of hers and she pressed her head so close to his chest until all she could hear was his pounding heart.

Right that very second, all felt real for her. Right that very second, she didn’t feel alone. The fear which inhabited her mind and heart since she couldn’t remember when, was eased by his heartbeat. For once after very long time, she felt loved and not questioning why or how or does she deserve it, or will it vanish into thin air in no time and leave her feeling floating with no end. For once she wiped the questions which were always on her mind off and drowning herself in that very moment.

Few seconds later, his voice filled the air as he spoke;

“It feels nice”

“What feels nice?”

“Kissing you in silence”

She felt lightheaded, she couldn’t believe her hearing. Was that him who spoke or just her head making scenarios of which would likely never happened as she used to. Hell, she even couldn’t recite the exact words in her head. Either she got it in the wrong order or even got the words wrong. Though it felt surreal, yet she knows it’s happening right that very second. Because she could feel the cold tingles her toes as she standing bare feet.

She couldn’t reply with anything, but smile. A simple smile she hid as she buried her face on his chest, in his tight hug. A smile so simple and sincere yet strong enough to hold herself altogether. A fine line between her stiff exterior and her gentle, delicate interior which could burst into tiny sparks of emotions in millisecond. All she could do was tighten her arms around him, fear to let go as she savoured excessive amount of time she took than a hug should normally last.


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