My dear lover,

If you love me, please do not dissolve into me.

Do not try things, favour things, or see things the way I do. Do not think by the same path I chose.

Truth is, I do not need another me. I need the polar opposite. I do not need to love another me for I myself were already a handful to love. Two of me would only be a complete disaster as the two of you would be. Besides, who in the earth wants to date themselves?

People may say, as couple we should become one. But by imitating, we are multiplying it into two instead. And it’s only the matter of time until one’s identity is sacrificed as you dissolve into me or I dissolve into you.

What love would make people be that selfish to drag their lover into abandoning their identity? And what love so willing to give up the very core thing which differs you from another just to be a shadow of your companion? Even parents’ unconditional love towards their children has more logical touch than that.

So please, if you love me, be just what you mean to be. Whether it’s polar opposite or if there are some disagreement even towards littlest detail. Just understand my different way as I understand yours. Try to see things from my perspective as I try to see it through yours. But do not for one second change things you have hold on to. Do not loose grip of your foundation just to make us even because that would not. It would only limp us and we will crumble.

Do not dissolve into me, as i will not dissolve into you.

Let us become one, do not multiple ourselves.

With love, now and always



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